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Privacy policy


Prince Rupert Cruise Terminal Ltd, hereinafter Data Controller, is the Data Controller of the User’s personal data and informs him/her that these data shall be processed in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Information Protection Act (British Columbia) and other applicable laws. Thus, the Data Controller shall not collect any personal data without obtaining the User’s prior consent and inform the User for the purpose of such a collection, as how to use excess the collected personal data.

Why, When and How we collect personal data about you and Categories of data recipients and personal data transfer?

a) Users and Passengers

This privacy policy tells you what to expect when the Data Controller collects personal information about you, the User, by marking the corresponding boxes and entering data in the fields, marked with an asterisk (*) in the contact form or download forms, accept expressly and in a free and unequivocal way that their data are necessary for the supplier to meet their request, voluntarily providing their data in the remaining fields. The User ensures that the personal data provided to the Data Controller are true and is responsible for communicating any changes to them.

When you provide the Data Controller with your personal information, you consent to the use of your personal information as identified in this policy, and as may be further identified at the time of collection. Sometimes you will be asked to give your express consent, such as by checking a box to indicate your consent to receive marketing communications. Other times, the Data Controller may obtain your consent implicitly when the Data Controller can reasonably conclude that you have given consent by some action you have taken or an action you have decided not to take.

The Data Controller informs and expressly ensures users that their personal data will not be transferred to third parties under any circumstances, and that whenever any type of personal data transfer is made, the express, informed and unequivocal consent of the Users shall be requested in advance . All data requested through the website are mandatory, as they are necessary for the provision of an optimal service to the User. In the event that not all of the data is provided, there is no guarantee that the information and services provided will be completely adapted to the User’s needs. The Data Controller also collects personal data via port surveys and wireless internet in addition to subscription tool on the Data Controller’s website. The Data Controller is committed to protecting your personal information, safety and security when you use his services. We are legally obliged to use your information in line with all applicable laws concerning the protection of personal data.

When you use Prince Rupert Cruise Terminal we may collect static or moving imagery via CCTV or surveillance systems. The Data Controller collects imagery via CCTV cameras and surveillance devices located throughout the ports, in landside (public). The Data Controller may use CCTV/surveillance imagery for a number of purposes including but not limited to the following:

• To maintain the safety and security of the ports for our passengers, colleagues and stakeholders, including but not limited to control authorities, national security, detection and prevention of crime and aviation security,

• To monitor flows and demand throughout the ports to optimise resourcing and passenger experience,

• To support the effective management of the port operation and any incidents,

• For investigative purposes or as evidence to support any formal follow-up to port incidents,

• In response to a subject access request.

We will keep your information within our possession except where disclosure is required by applicable law, for example to government bodies, law enforcement agencies or in response to a subject access request. Your information may very occasionally be processed outside of Canada for the purposes of system maintenance and support or for the purposes of international security and crime prevention.

b) Customers and Partners

The Data Controller collects personal information about customers/partners or prospective customers/partners contact persons to be able to manage the customer relationship, to market our products and services, to be able to communicate with our stakeholders and perform business and contract negotiations, maintain and develop the customer relationship and to fulfil our obligations resulting from customer relationships. We also send newsletters, feedback questionnaires or invitations to our events. The information is collected from the person him/herself or from our customers.

Legal basis for the processing of personal information is the legitimate interest of the Data Controller to be able to manage the customer relationship and to develop its business.

The Data Controller collects personal information of its suppliers’ contact persons and about external service providers working at Prince Rupert Cruise Terminal Ltd. We collect information also from other important stakeholders that are otherwise regarded important to our business. The information is collected from the person him/herself, from their employer or from public sources. We use the data for the following purposes:

• To manage the relationship between these stakeholders,

• To communicate with our suppliers and other important stakeholders,

• To send invitations to our events,

• To be able to assess the fulfilment of defined requirements, skills and competences. These requirements come straight from legislation or are defined by the Data Controller. We for example need to ensure that people working in production sites have a valid contract and needed permits as well as that person have completed required trainings,

• To manage and provide work orders,

• To comply with local legal obligations concerning external employees.

For external personnel that needs a long-term or permanent access card to the Data Controller’s sites or premises, the Data Controller asks for security clearance to be performed by authorities.

We use the information for our legitimate interest to manage the relationship with these stakeholders, to develop our business and also to comply with local legal obligations. The processing is based also on our legitimate interest to ensure safe working environment and to secure our assets.

How long we store the data?

The personal data that we collect is kept in a form which permits the identification of data subjects for no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which the personal data are collected and processed in each specific case, and in any case not longer than as specified by the relevant applicable laws.

Your data subject rights:

Under the relevant applicable, you will have the right to, where appropriate:

• Access your personal data by making a subject access request

• Rectification, erasure or restriction of your information

• Object to the processing of your information

To exercise your rights please contact the Data Controller using the following contact details: info@princerupertcruiseport.com


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