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Scenic Khutzeymateen Valley and Grizzly Bear Viewing

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Scenic Khutzeymateen Valley and Grizzly Bear Viewing

Cruise to the wilds of the Khutzeymateen Valley, Canada's only Grizzly Bear Sanctuary, to watch these magnificint creatures in their natural habitat.

It's a 5 minute walk from the ship to the Atlin Dock where you will board a state of the art, 72 foot catamaran vessel, specifically designed for wildlife viewing. The vessel is fully covered and heated with floor to ceiling windows and lots of outer viewing decks for the greatest viewing experience. Once on the touring vessel you will cruise to one of the top grizzly bear viewing areas in North America. Traveling north through picturesque Chatham Sound, you will be entertained with stories about life in the surrounding villages. Along the way, keep an eye out for Dall's porpoise, playful seals, Stellar sea lions and a variety of birds, including majestic bald eagles and graceful blue herons.

Cruising for just over 2 hours, you will reach the Khutzeymateen Valley, an area uninhabited by humans, with no roads, trails, or signs of intrusion by civilization. The hills here are blanketed with dense forests of Sitka trees and hemlocks, an ideal environment for supporting wildlife such as the grizzly bear, an at-risk species. More than 50 of these magnificent creatures live here, earning the valley the distinction of having one of North America's highest concentrations of grizzlies.

The bears often feed on the vegetation that is in relatively close proximity to the shore, so there is an excellent chance of seeing several bears at once. The valley and the surrounding waters also support a thriving population of wolves, shorebirds, kingfishers, seals, orca and humpback whales.

After cruising this incredible valley you will make the return journey back to Prince Rupert. This is the perfect time to enjoy your small lunch which is provided by the tour operator. Once you have arrived back to the Atlin Dock in Prince Rupert, you will make your way back to the ship.

Scenic Khutzeymateen Valley and Grizzly Bear Viewing
Duration 7.5 Hours
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